Be the best and win.

BODIFIT® Athlete is an international contest of all recreation enthusiasts and sportsmen, where they can check the results of their training.

The competition consists of semifinals and the grand finale to be performed at the EUROFIT® FEST event on 10th March 2019 in Medvode.

At the BODIFIT® Athlete competition, you can test yourself in set of seven compound exercises and prove yourself how successful you are after a number of hours, months and years of working out.

The concept of the competition is based on exercises that provide a balance between mental health and physical wellbeing. The participants, however, test their skills with this competition.

Be the best and win!


  • Individuals over 15 years and of all work out levels can compete in set of seven compound exercises.
  • The participants in the competition are tested in two categories by gender (female and male).


  • The registration fee for the semifinal for BODIFIT® members is € 20.
  • The registration fee for the semifinal is € 40


  • An annual pass for unlimited workouts for all BODIFIT® centres throughout Slovenia.
  • An annual BODIFIT® SHOP sponsorship (food supplements for personal use).
  • Professional training device from BODIFIT® SHOP sponsor (an agreement based on available stock and athlete's demands).
  • Professional photo shooting and personal photo book.
  • Winners become “the annual face of BODIFIT®”, which means, according to the agreement, they will be publicly exposed in BODIFIT® publications and other media campaigns.
  • Other gifts from sponsors.



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