Let's create a moment of movement.

EUROFIT® FEST convention is also a story of charity.  As a part of the event, we connect with local charity organisations to raise funds for physically disabled person to make them brighter day.

Since we are aware of the advantages of independent movement and because motion is our way of living, we have decided for an extremely powerful move/trait to bring some sunshine to those who depend on the help of others.

In Slovenia there are a few thousands of physically impaired children who are in need of physiotherapy or another form of movement therapy. Unfortunately, the current healthcare system does not provide therapies in a sufficient scope. Parents and caretakers on the other hand do not have sufficient financial resources to take private therapies.

Therefore we decided to create a moment of motion within the EUROFIT® FEST event for those who are deprived of such opportunity.

The project is supported by many well-known Slovenes and organizations who are aware of the importance of this charitable movement.


EUROFIT® FEST has a distinctive charity note. Within the project Create a moment of movement, we connect with the local community. The financial resources we collect go to the physically disabled, so that they can have some lighter and better days.

This year, we will all help seven-year-old Brina, who is struggling with cerebral palsy due to her premature birth. Thanks to a demanding surgery in the United States two years ago Brina now feels her whole body and stands on her feet for the first time. This really is a miracle for her parents and Brina, who were told after birth she would never be independent.

It is important to stay strong and persistent. Brina really came a long way after the surgery and it is of utmost importance for her to exercise every day. Unfortunately, our health-care system only covers two treatments per week, one work therapy and one neurophysiotherapy,

says Brina’s mommy.

With the collected contributions, we will help Brina get the therapy she needs. She will also be able to go to see the doctors who helped her to stand on her feet, for a checkup.

You can donate at every BODIFIT® center in Slovenia, or to bank acoount SI56 0451 5000 2471 195 (Reference: SI 99, Purpose: Charity Brina) or at the EUROFIT® FEST event, which will take place at the Medvode Sports Hall on March 9th and 10th, 2019.


Brina is a very positive person, always happy and smiling, despite being different from her peers. Doctors in the United States announced she will be walking without assistance one day and we would like to help her.


Within the “Make the moment of motion” project in 2018 we collected funds for the physically disabled Dejan Bukovec.

Dejan, 23 years, from the Medvode region, was born premature with 28 weeks. He was diagnosed with severe movement disorder (cerebral palsy), which requires constant care and help by his parents, medical staff, teachers, work therapists and physiotherapists.

Funds were collected in March in all seven BODIFIT® centres around Slovenia and, of course, at the EUROFIT® FEST event. Meeting was also attended by the representatives of the municipality of Medvode. All gathered were addressed with words of gratitude and encouragement for further cooperation by Mayor Nejc Smole.

In the name of the Bukovec family and on our behalf, we sincerely thank all the members, ambassadors and business partners who decided to donate. With united strength, we collected EUR 3,098.10 and with the gesture delighted Dejan and his parents


Within the “Make a Moment of Motion” project in 2017 we collected funds for Anja, a girl who suffers from cerebral palsy and helped her to improve quality of her everyday life. Anja’s Mummy said:

My experience of EUROFIT® FEST is really wonderful. All athletics halls were full of eager visitors and participants of the exercises, fantastic trainers, leaders, coordinators, promoters and others. I think that everyone was in full movement. The presentation of the event was exceptional. It was a relaxed atmosphere, filled with good will, fun and energy.

She also commended the organizers of the event as they made an eventful charity with a lot of energy, effort and a beautiful gesture for the 4 year old Anja, who entertained herself by observing hustle and bustle around her with great interest.

With raised funds, we made it possible for Anja to provide her additional physiotherapies and thus help her with rehabilitation to reduce pain and prevent physical deformation that result from poor physical activity and bad body posture.

“I sincerely thank you for your trust, kindness and friendship.”


In the 2016 project, we connected with the local community of Medvode, to help Maruša with raising funds for her therapies and thus make her everyday brighter. At the same time, with this project, we raise awarness about the importance of the movement!

Maruša has spinal muscular atrophy. The medicine does not exist for that disease. Marusha is lovely, kind, intelligent, and very smiling, although her young life is pinned to a wheelchair. She lives with her mother Helena, who unconditionally, lovingly and diligently pierces through everyday life, to please her daughter and makes her day.