Indulge in magical event.


Fasten your seatbelts, take a deep breath and embrace all the positive energy.  Join us and move in the rhythm of Magic Adventure!

Why Magic Adventure?

It is not surprising that the fitness industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the modern world. People face fear of failure and stress daily. Consequently they are overwhelmed with burdens that they can’t keep up with on the long run. Their lifestyle and responsibilities at work force them to unbalanced diet, sleep deprivation and lack of exercise. Caught in the everyday-life routine, they believe that a different way of life is an illusion.

Fitness and organized exercise are the reasons many manage to step out of their destructive rhythm of everyday life. Then the illusion turns into magic. We believe it is magical to live a balanced way of life, to feel strong and peaceful, to be able to get enough sleep and realize your ambitions.

Magic will be a part of this year’s EUROFIT® FEST. We expect even more individuals who are ready and eager for new adventures and prepared to transform their illusion into magic.


We are organizing 3 competitions where you can test your skills both as an individual and as a group performer.


We are organizing the European competition for the instructor of the year “NEWCOMER CONTEST 2019” fourth year in a row.

Individuals can present their work to the crowd and win the title BEST INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR!

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Show Group Performance is an ideal opportunity to present your performing group in front of a large EUROFIT® FEST crowd.

With this sporting-recreational competition, we want to encourage all recreational and professional groups to present themselves at this great fitness event, and thus promoting a movement and healthy life style in Slovenia, and at the same time promoting Slovenia in Europe.

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At the BODIFIT® Athlete competition, you can test yourself in set of seven compound exercises and prove yourself how successful you are after a number of hours, months and years of working out.

The concept of the competition is based on exercises that provide a balance between mental health and physical wellbeing. The participants, however, test their skills with this competition.

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Leave yourself to selected experts and international licensed instructors who will drag the best out of you, lead you to the extreme of your performance limits and enthral with their energy, charisma and knowledge.


EUROFIT® FEST AMBASSADOR is a person who connects people and provides all necessary information about the event for potential participants of EUROFIT® FEST 2019 while they apply in groups of three or five to provide themselves special benefits.

Would you like to become the ambassador of the EUROFIT® FEST 2019 event and receive special magical surprises?

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The international recognisability of the EUROFIT® FEST event on 9th and 10th March 2019, numerous visitors and great media support is an excellent opportunity to present your company or brand at our event.

All of you who want to represent your business in the innovative/original way on the EUROFIT® FEST event, can choose one of the sponsorship packages to achieve a special and more effective promotion before, during and after the event.

We invite you to become our partner and thus part of our story.

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EUROFIT® FEST convention is also a story of charity.  Namely, we connect with local authorities and charity organisations to raise funds for physically disabled children to make them brighter day.

Since we are aware of the advantages of independent movement and because movement is our way of living, we have decided for an extremely powerful move to bring some sunshine to those who depend on the help of others.

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EUROFIT® FEST team will pamper you with rich and fun animation program for the whole weekend. We are preparing a special “chill out” corner where you can relax your body and mind. For your taste buds, dry throats and hungry stomachs, will be taken care by selected meals, beverages, freshly prepared smoothies and other snacks.


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